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MTB Women in Menopause 6 Week Kickstart Challenge!

For women who want to get fit, shred trails, lose the belly fat (for good) and kickarse into your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond!

Challenge starts Monday 8th April 2024 and runs for 6 weeks!

Registration Closes:

Do you want to be fitter, keep shredding the trails all while losing the belly fat?

This is your chance to get all of the benefits of PCS coaching at a fraction of the price!

Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t talk about menopause, let alone know how to “fix” the symptoms. 

So many women feel like they’re going crazy when they experience: 

❌ hot flashes
❌ weight gain
❌ brain fog
❌ pesky belly fat
❌ declining muscle mass
❌ insomnia and sleepless nights
❌ decreasing energy levels
❌ anxiety
❌ painful joints

And more ❌ ❌ ❌ 

Most of us didn’t even know these symptoms were linked to menopause, myself included, let alone how to combat the effects, especially the sudden weight gain...until now!

And here's the problem:

  • Whenever you start losing your menstrual cycle, your body cries out: “NO!” and tries to cling to the estrogen, for some silly reason. Your body isn’t ready to stop cranking out eggs, so it turns to the second biggest source for estrogen: FAT CELLS

  • Your body actually creates insulin resistance in your cells so that more of the calories you eat are diverted to fat stores. Because the more fat you have, the more estrogen your body will produce.

  • SUMMARY: About 40% more glucose is being sent to your menopausal cells for fat storage, which you then see on your belly as you pull on jeans in the morning.

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That is why women in menopause need a whole new way of eating and training!

You do not have to starve yourself. We are in the prime of our lives and don’t want to be hungry all the time. 

We are busy women who want to enjoy life AND feel incredible in our bodies again. 

This is a super simple lifestyle plan anyone can follow. You can take this with you to stay slim and trim the rest of your life! 

Menopause has been kept a mystery even though it happens to 50% of the population. There is a science behind the fat gain and other pesky symptoms.

By understanding the changes happening to our bodies, we can absolutely overcome them and focus on what matters – being confident in our bodies and enjoying our lives on our terms! 

Whats included in the 6 Week Challenge?

Training Programs and Menopause Guide

Learn the proven techniques used by my World Championship winning athletes in menopause:

  • This is a doing challenge where you follow along step by step and day by day! 
  • If you follow it, you will lose weight!
  • Training sessions for the duration of the challenge and yours to keep forever!
  • Downloadable training guide!
  • Mountain Bike Workouts!
  • HIIT training workouts!
  • Strength & Conditioning workouts for the gym or at at home!
  • Dedicated recovery time built into the plan!

Facebook Group

Exclusive membership of the PCS MTB Women in Menopause 6 Week Kickstart Challenge Facebook Group:

  • Weekly Facebook Q&A sessions with your coach Donna Dall with weekly tips on maximising your training, nutrition and recovery
  • Many women feel alone in their menopausal journey, even with their friends who also don’t know what’s happening to them.
  • This is a community where we go into what’s happening to our bodies, share questions & get mutual support & accountability.
  • Your coach Donna Dall is in the group answering your questions daily.
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Menopause Nutrition

Includes your specific and principles based:

  • Nutrition and Meal Plans
  • Meal Prep Guide
  • Recipes for the challenge
  • Shopping Lists
  • Supplements Guide
  • Everything you need to succeed!

Who is this program for?

For women in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who want to:

  • Lose the belly fat
  • Build lean and toned muscles
  • Remain active and keep shredding the trails
  • Feel confident and strong
  • Learn strategies to combat the effects of menopause
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“If I had to use one word to describe what I like about working with Donna, it would be RESULTS! A coach that understands her athletes as people and considers their capacity in the real world. An absolutely phenomenal coach!"

Michelle Woods Masters 24hr World Champion 2023

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Dont miss out!

Secure your spot now in the MTB Women in Menopause 6 Week Kickstart Challenge as the doors will be closing soon!

Challenge starts Monday 8th April 2024 and runs for 6 weeks!