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Most coaching programs fail to get results that last.
PCS is VERY different!

Welcome to PCS Coaching

PCS delivers real results and those results speak for themselves with 3 World Championship wins, multiple National Champions in a range of age categories, from Juniors to Masters to Elite plus hundreds of personal bests from athletes from the various MTB disciplines. 

It takes 3 things for a coach to create life changing results for their athletes: total integrity, a cutting edge training system and world class support helping implement every strategy.

It's not enough to just give you a program and send you on your way. You need someone who has been in the trenches and who can walk you through the entire process step-by-step and mentor you every step of the way.

Sadly, some coaches just don't care. And the ones that do care don't have a strategy that works.

PCS is VERY different.

I care deeply for my athletes and the results they seek to achieve. I operate with total integrity. I have a world class, cutting edge training system and strategy that gets incredible results and I provide the best support on the planet!

Donna Dall

Head Coach & Managing Director

2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Team Coach

About Your Coach

Donna Dall

I have been racing mountain bikes for 25 years, I am a multiple State and National Champion in XCO & XCM. I have been coaching for 20 years and have coached 2 x Junior World Champions: Lisa Mathison in 2002 & 2003 and Cameron Wright in 2017.

I was coach of the Australian MTB Team at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Australian Mountain Bike Coach of the year 2014, 2015/16, 2017 and have been inducted into the Mountain Bike Australia Hall of Fame for my contribution to the sport.

My speciality is helping serious and recreational mountain bikers break through plateaus to attain higher levels of performance so that they can get fitter, faster, stronger and win more races!

Roll of honour

  • Cameron Wright (Junior World Champion 2017)
  • Lisa Mathison (Junior World Champion 2002 & 2003, Athens Olympian 2004)
  • Brad Clarke (National Champion)
  • Callum Carson (Australian Representative)
  • Luke Brame (Australian Representative)
  • Phoebe Thompson (Australian Representative)
  • Nick Pedler (Australian Representative)
  • Shell Woods (National & Oceania 24hr Solo Champion)
  • Hayley Oakes (National Champion)
  • Joel Dodds (National Champion)

Australias Most Awarded Mountain Bike Coach

  • MTBA Hall Of Fame 2020
  • MTBA Coach of the Year 2018
  • MTBA Coach of the Year 2017
  • MTBA Coach of the Year 2016


  • Level 2 UCI Coaching Certification
  • NCAS Level 2 Cycling Coach
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Science: Sports Coaching, University of Queensland, 2006


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Whats My Philosophy?

Before each conversation I am asking the tough questions; how can I can serve my athletes better?

My purpose is to help Mountain Bike athletes get fast, have fun and feel a sense of achievement in their training and racing.

My mission is to provide a positive training environment assisting my athletes to achieve their goals both on and off the bike.

I am constantly finding new ways to serve my athletes better. I am on a learning journey to bring the best out of myself, so I can bring the best out of my athletes!

Before each conversation I am asking the tough questions; how can I can serve my athletes better? What goals can we set? What plans can we put in place to get more out of the training process?

I help my athletes to engage with the process, so they are constantly learning and challenging themselves and make training fun again!

I am persistently looking for new ways to improve performance. I continuously learn so I can impart my knowledge and experience to my athletes in all aspects of rules, technique, training methodologies, sports science, sports psychology and tactics. I educate athletes in the process of performance and take away the focus of outcomes being the main focal point of success.

I establish a good rapport and working relationship with all athletes. I am flexible and attentive to each individual athlete, as no two athletes are the same. I am encouraging and give praise and recognition where it is due. I create an environment that ensures that training is a positive and pleasurable experience.

I make a daily commitment to my role as a coach and show great drive, passion, persistence, patience and enthusiasm. I'm a role model and pay close attention to how I turn up, bring big energy and my best attitude so I can engage and inspire my athletes.

I encourage self-development in all athletes both on and off the bike. I ensure that life skills are not lost to the elite athlete so that they are able to establish a career after their athletic career has finished. I ensure that every opportunity to learn new skills are given to my athletes.

I encourage my athletes to participate as equals with an emphasis on respect for each other and strongly promote rules of fair play. I have a ZERO TOLERANCE anti-doping ethic.