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Bayview Blast Training Plan

Get fitter, faster and stronger for Bayview Blast!

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Do you want to be fitter, faster and stronger for Bayview Blast 2021?

This is your chance to get all of the benefits of PCS coaching at a fraction of the price!

Your choice between 25km, 52km or 92km training plans

12 week training plan specific to the demands of the Bayview Blast and what do each day for the whole 12 weeks with training commencing Monday 22nd March!

The Bayview Blast specific training plans follow the same principles we use for our 1:1 coached athletes incorporating progressive overload, recovery ratios and overreach rides to get you fit, strong and Bayview Blast READY!

Exclusive Value!

  • 12 week intensive training plan

  • Exclusive Membership of the PCS Bayview Blast Facebook Group

  • 30% Discount on Bayview Blast Entry

  • Training Resources including strength & conditioning, nutrition and hydration

  • Guided training session on the Bayview Blast course

  • One off or monthly payment plan available


Who Is this program for?

If you are serious about enhancing your cycling training  and need something to focus on we have you covered.

This training plan will help riders of all levels keep engaged and feel supported in training. It will give you the tools to easily follow a plan suited to your goal with great resources to back you.

This specific designed 12 week plan will help riders from all backgrounds as it is easy to follow at your own pace. Hours of work has gone into providing you with the best content and supporting information to help guide you to do as well as possible in preparation for the Bayview Blast event.

Whats included?

12 Week Intensive Training Guide

Proven training techniques used by my World Cup winning athletes:

  • Choose between 25km, 52km or 92km plans
  • Downloadable weekly training guide
  • 4-5 rides per week commitment
  • Mix of road and MTB riding
  • HIIT training workouts
  • Dedicated recovery time built into the plan

Facebook Group

Exclusive membership of the PCS Bayview Blast Athletes Facebook Group:

  • Weekly tips on maximising your training and recovery
  • Facebook Q&A session with Donna
  • Connect with your fellow PCS Bayview Blast Athletes
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Training Sessions On Track

Build confidence and skills with face to face training on track:

  • Face to face training rides on the Bayview Blast track prior to the event
  • Session key features before the event
  • Meet other PCS Bayview Blast Athletes

Professional Training Resources

Industry leading techniques used by top athletes:

  • 25km/52km/92km Training Plans
  • Nutrition guide
  • Hydration guide
  • Training Guide
  • Core Strength & Conditioning Videos

“Donna is an all round excellent coach. She knows what to do in any situation and she is very easy to work with!"

Cameron Wright XCO Junior World Champion 2017

Dont miss out!

Secure your spot on the PCS Bayview Blast Team today as the doors will be closing soon!