Dylan Cross

Dylan Cross

Dylan Cross

After yesterday’s endurance MTB ride I am feeling ecstatic of how well the training is going so far! Not only am I feeling fitter, I am also feeling stronger than ever before on the bike. The SE sets have taught me how to use my gluts when climbing and my quads therefore won’t fatigue as quickly. Its  awesome! Also my endurance levels have increased, even at a higher sustained heart rate. I also believe I am riding a lot smarter on the MTB. Where I used to smash it through every course and over brake every corner, I now understand the importance of smooth rolling and consistency on the single track. The psychology training has played a big part of this.

Anyway even though its only been 4 weeks of training I feel like I have been set up well for the 4hr next Sunday. My goal for this race is not positioning but instead to correctly apply all the skills I have learnt over the past 4 weeks. I think the results will come regardless!

So thanks again so far and I will definitely be signing up for another 3 months in the lead up to the Dwellingup 100 and the Cape to Cape. 

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