About PCS Coaching

About PCS Coaching

World Class Mountain Bike Coaching in Australia

Progressive Coaching Systems (PCS) is the premier destination for mountain bike coaching in Australia.

World Class

PCS delivers world-class personal cycling coaching services to athletes of all abilities, across the complete spectrum of mountain bike disciplines. Using the concept of distance-coaching, PCS Coaching uses Today's Plan as a communication and analytics tool to exchange data files, handcraft training programs and provide personal feedback between athlete and coach to all corners of Australia. Each program is personalised to fit your individual lifestyle, work and family commitments.

PCS History

Founded in 2005 by Donna Dall as a sole trader trading as Progressive Coaching Systems.  The business outgrew this model and Progressive Coaching Systems was incorporated in 2012 when 3 other coaches joined the team. In 2015, Donna came to realise that her own special way was simply that, her own and has gone back to her roots where it all began.

Donna, who is a self-confessed cycling mega-fan and pretty handy on a mountain bike herself has been coaching cyclists since 1999. Donna's turning moment as a coach came in 2002 when her protege Lisa Mathison won her first World MTB Championship in Austria. Lisa repeated the feat again in 2003 in France and cemented herself in the UCI history books. In 2017, Donna again produced yet another world champion when her athlete Cameron Wright won in Cairns at the UCI World MTB Championships.

Having also pursued a corporate career as a SAP Business Analyst meant working long hours and Donna found she was unable to devote the energy and time she wanted, to help the many athletes banging down her door for her coaching services. Donna has now found the "balance" and works part time as a professional cycling coach and is Mum to her 2 beautiful children.


Donna is fully qualified and endorsed by Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), Cycling Australia (CA), the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and is a Level 2 Cycling Coach accredited by the UCI and the UCI World Cycling Centre.  The PCS Point of Difference can be characterised by the genuine care given to each athlete and the sheer enthusiasm, motivation and determination in preparing athletes to be their best and to reach their true potential.

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PCS understands YOU!

PCS understands an athlete’s struggles of juggling work and family commitments, lack of knowledge and the sheer frustration of spending many hours on the bike without seeing any real improvement.  PCS takes the guesswork out of your training, devises a tailored solution and educates each athlete with the knowledge they need to succeed.

95% of our athletes see improvements in their riding in just 4 weeks of commencing a PCS training program.



“I trained 12 months to be a more competitive rider but after only 3 months on the PCS program I am now getting results I never thought possible! The PCS program is a real weapon!”   Russ Tatlow – MTB Enthusiast

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If you would like to find out more about how PCS coaching can take you to the next level, contact us or call Donna Dall TODAY on 0400 740 055 to guide you through the best option for your needs.


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