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BNE Academy Application Form

  • Contact Details of Parent/Guardian

  • Physical Profile of Applicant

  • If known
  • Medical Background & Injury History

    Please describe with as much detail as possible your history of health related matters and injuries. Also explain any current injuries that may prevent you from training at 100% effort or if you are currently on any medication that we should know about etc.
  • Athlete Profile

  • Goal Setting

  • Typical Week

    Please describe a typical weeks training including what type of training e.g. road or mountain bike, how long was your training, how hard was your training and any other characteristics e.g. group rides, bunch rides, stretching, strength training, racing etc. as well as any other sports that you participate in:
  • Training Availability

    Please enter here your available time to train in hours/minutes including strength training (gym) if applicable e.g. 1hr30mins or leave blank if unavailable.
  • Other Commitments

    When planning your training, please describe your other commitments so that we can ensure you have a healthy balance of school life, home life, part-time work and training.
  • Results

  • Equipment

  • Please describe your current suite of bikes (brand/model etc) and who performed the bike set-up etc.
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  • And Finally

    Thank you for your application. We will be in touch!
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