Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

michelle woods 2If I had to use one word to describe what I like about working with Donna, it would be RESULTS!

However there’s much more involvement behind the scenes to ‘just results’. Finding a synergy, harmony, balance and understanding between Athlete and Coach is unique.

Personally for myself being a weekend warrior, single Mum with a decent fitness background with some respectable results I often wondered how far I could go if I had the right coaching and guidance and accountability. Fortunately being of a slightly older vintage many of my friends had their children under Donna. I sat back and watched from the sidelines the continual Championships wins, sponsorships, endorsements, athleticism, sportsmanship and integrity displayed on race day and beyond by her athletes.

I was always humbled to be accepted into the PCS tent and greeted by the friendly warm disposition of Donna and her athletes. For a few years I knew the only person I would ever want to be coached by would be Donna Dall. I’m grateful I waited until I was ready as her reputation didn’t exceed her. A coach that understands her athletes as people and considers their capacity in the real world.

I wanted to be my best, do my best and see what I was really capable of. Two National Championships wins and an Oceana Championship win for my category for 24hour Solo racing speaks for itself and has only fuelled a fire for bigger and better challenges.

Donna is an absolutely phenomenal coach. 

Michelle Woods

michelle woods

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