Matt Tocknell

Matt Tocknell

Matt Tocknell

After the 2012 Epic where I finished with a very disappointing time I vowed to start training instead of just ride with mates. The following months I picked up my riding both time and distance but there was a problem, I wasn't really seeing any major improvement other than weight loss. Then as many have done I made a list after new years and set myself some serious goals. This is when I started thinking about and researching the idea of me getting coaching help. At first it seemed ridiculous that a perpetual tailender should consider getting a coach, I thought I was stupid even considering it.

I contacted Donna from PCS at the end of February 2013 and that was the best phone call I could've made. Donna was very easy to deal with and extremely knowledgable. The first face to face meeting we had was great and she had this amazing ability to get you thinking about your real goals and ambitions. So I set a goal of doing The Epic 87km again but this time just wanted to finish it under 6hrs and I mean I would've been happy with 5hr 59min.

My first day under PCS coaching was 19-3-13 and I found the program extremely easy to follow and was great the way it was made just for me and my schedule focusing on my goals. So I had 6 mths to drop nearly 1hr 1/2 of my epic time, lots of hard work ahead. Getting a coach and a program doesn't magically make it happen I can tell you it means very very early mornings and riding in all conditions but it's worth it. What it does means is you are not waisting your time by doing the wrong training or over training, you actually have structure.

Well it's now 6 mths down the track and I can say I am a completely different person on the bike now and have achieved results I could never have imagined possible in only 6 mths. I have gone from back of the pack to consistently in top 10 in the Sunshine series and managing 8th in championship even with missing round 1. I also managed to do the Epic 87km in 5hrs 17min and my first 50km wasn't far off the podium time. Then 1 week later at the Police and Emergency Services games I was feeling confident and really wanted my first podium. I felt amazing and finally got a good start and cleared out to claim not only my first podium but my first win and managed 2nd fastest for the entire day.

So if you are sick of wobbling around at the back of the field I can not recommend PCS enough. It's not just the program or the results it's also the great community you become apart of with both on line support but also a great crew to go riding and racing with. Don't think about it just do it and you will see the results yourself.

I have to go and train now or Donna will kick my bum.

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