Mark McInnes

Mark McInnes

Mark McInnes

As a late comer to bike riding (started at 39years old) I found competition to be quite exhilarating and exciting. As a result I wanted to get as much out of my riding, training and racing as I possibly could. Being very eager, I quickly became ‘hooked’ on over training.

I was doing longer and longer bunch rides where I’d be smashed at the end of the ride but not really have gained anything of value (physically) during the process. I decided I needed someone to guide my training so that I could see some improvement in both my training and racing results.

Asking around some of the guys who ‘have been there and done that’ PCS came up as a possible solution. After speaking to both Donna and Jodie and developing a structured plan, I’m really glad I chose PCS.
The programs are very detailed which suit me well. The nutrition diary has helped me control my weight for competition and the training programs are very specific and quite varied.

As I race both Road bikes and Mountain bikes (XCM/ XCO), having Jodie as a coach is great as I know she has real experience racing both at the highest level in our sport. So the help and advice you are getting is real world and works. It provides a real peace of mind knowing that I’m heading in the right direction.

Having been enrolled with PCS for just over 6months I’ve already seen some great improvements in key areas of my cycling. Power output is up generally I’m racing at a higher grade in all styles of racing than I was 6 months ago and with more confidence.
If anybody is looking for coaching and they have a MTB or Road focus I’d not hesitate in suggesting they try PCS. It really is great value.

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