Downhill – DHI

Downhill – DHI

Downhill  – DHI

Having a training program specifically for downhill racing is critical to your success. To become a successful downhill mountain biker, you will need to train specifically for the repeated high power outputs typical of downhill racing.  High leg speed cadence is critical in downhill racing as is core stability and upper body strength.  Mental toughness is a key ingredient often overlooked however the most important ingredient to a mountain biker is his or her skills.

PCS has a strong understanding of how these principles should be developed for downhill races incorporating them into our Downhill specific MTB training programs to improve skill, strength, speed, mental toughness and efficiency.

Downhill Mountain biking (DH) is a time trial event held on a steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, rock gardens and other obstacles. Downhill bikes are heavy, strong, and feature front and rear suspension with over 8 inches of travel, to glide quickly over rocks and tree roots. A continuous course is defined on each side by a strip of tape. Riders have a single attempt to reach the finish line as fast as possible, while remaining between the two tapes designating the course. Riders must choose their line by compromising between the shortest possible line and the line that can be travelled at the highest speed. If a rider leaves the course by crossing or breaking the tape, he must return to the course at the point of exit. Riders start at intervals, often seeded from slowest to fastest. Courses typically take two to five minutes to complete and winning margins are often less than a second.

Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

peter-knot-dhiDownhill mountain bike races typically last between 2 and 6 minutes, with riders competing at near maximal intensity for the duration of the event.  Downhill mountain bikers need a high degree of strength to generate the large power outputs required, and a well-developed anaerobic capacity.
Regardless of the discipline, all elite riders need to develop the technical skills to be able to control and stabilise their bikes on the various off-road terrains they encounter.

Downhill Mountain Bike Training with PCS

Regardless of the specialist discipline you choose, the training year will typically consist of a general preparation, specific preparation and a competition phase and off-season, with the length of each phase dependent on the competitive schedule of individual athletes. Elite downhill riders typically do the majority of their training on the trails however this discipline will incorporate some gym work to develop the specific strength and power characteristics required for the sport, especially during the pre-season.  Regardless of the discipline, all riders need to develop the technical skills to be able to control and stabilise their bikes on the various off-road terrains they encounter and a large  percentage of the training time will be specifically on skill development.

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